Oldest Ancestor and Prince Charles

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Quite of few developments in the COVID world along with some interesting news regarding Marine Biology. Enjoy today’s resources.

Geologists at UC, Riverside have discovered something quite remarkable: the oldest common ancestor of all animal life. Living 555 million years ago on the ocean floor, it was the first organism that we know of with bilateral symmetry, having a front and back, as well as a digestive tract between two openings. Squids have now been seen to be able to edit their own RNA after it has left the nucleus. They do so through tweaking of their highly developed nervous systems. Another piece of evidence of how cephalopods are so intelligent. Finally, a quick little video about ocean floor-dwelling garden eels.

Updated case and death numbers can be found here and here. After much debate, the U.S. Senate is poised to vote on a historic stimulus package to hopefully dampen the effects of the virus outbreak. The deal includes direct payments to Americans, increased unemployment benefits, money for states, and a large bailout fund for businesses. COVID has reached the British royal family as Prince Charles has tested positive. Remember that even teenagers are not necessarily immune to the coronavirus. An L.A. County resident under the age of 18 passed away after contracting COVID.

Mr. Noondi

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