Beaches Closing

Sorry for the late post. Along with you all, I am learning how to transition to the WFH life. Hopefully day by day, we are all getting more comfortable. Enjoy your daily resources.

None for today. Stay tuned tomorrow.

I was introduced to this sleeker, more interactive COVID-19 case count website from Johns Hopkins University. It’s a very nicely made website and lets you interact with the data by looking at a world map. The downside is that it is not very mobile friendly. If you are on your phone, stick to the old one that we’ve been using. Some unfortunate local news here in San Diego County: much of San Diego County’s beaches, bays, lakes, boardwalks, and trail are now or will soon be closed. This is yet another consequence of what happens when social distancing isn’t actively practiced. The good news: Coronado’s are still open. Finally, Wake Forest University put together a COVID video FAQ geared directly toward high school students.

Mr. Noondi

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