Deep-Sea Mining and Border Closures

Happy Friday. We’ve made it through Week 1. Congrats! I hope these daily updates will be helpful for you all. I certainly will enjoy typing them as we continue to power through. Please use these resources as you see fit for yourself, your students, or your own children.

Hydrothermal vents and the ocean floor are sources of minerals with the potential of having high economic value. In recent months, much debate has occurred between engineering, biologists, and environmentalists about the benefits and pitfalls of practicing such techniques. Land-based resources are quickly being depleted, so some are turning to the ocean to find those same resources.

MIT: Mining the Deep Sea
Verge Science: Your future tech may rely on deep-sea mining
David Attenborough: Ban deep-sea mining
The Atlantic: History’s largest mining operation is about to begin

Worldwide cases and deaths continue to rise. Remember when I first showed you this site in class almost two weeks ago, the total number of cases was approximately 113,000. Look at the numbers now. Here in my home state, Gov. Gavin Newsom initiated a stay-at-home order, the first in the country to do so on a state-wide basis. The U.S. borders with both Canada and Mexico will be closed to non-essential travel midnight on Saturday. Finally, know that the New York Times is providing free access to its coronavirus news.

Mr. Noondi

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