Crime scene in the library

Happy Sunday!

Last week I updated you on the ongoing forensics project. This past Monday, the students setup their crime scenes in various places around campus – four to be exact. It is very quickly turning out that this may be the project in which I have seen the highest amount of engagement from the most amount of students. I couldn’t be more excited about it all!

On Monday, the students meticulously assessed their assigned crime scene. Photos were taken from all angles. Gloves were worn and tweezers were used to prevent the tampering of any potential evidence. Artists sketched the scene on the sidelines. The lead investigators all did a phenomenal job managing their team so they could collect the evidence in the most careful way possible. After collection, they filled out Single Evidence Collection Forms and Chain of Custody forms to document the details and handling of each piece of evidence. From there, they began their analysis!

Microscopic hair analysis
Microscopic hair analysis

During the past week, students have been running around interrogating their suspects through hair collection, fingerprinting, feet measurements, and handwriting. All four groups have leads towards one major suspects but some groups are still debating between others that they are unsure of. Come Thursday, lead investigators will present their case in front of a panel of experts (teachers). To convince the panel, the Case Analysts and Case Managers must successfully put together a 2-3 page paper describing how they reached their conclusion and a visual that will support the lead investigators presentation.

That being said, we’ll have an update with the final results next week! Stay tuned!


Mr. Noondi

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